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  1. Benji Heran says:

    Hello. I’m finding it impossible to find CVC’s 1st edition DVD of FAFDM, which I believe was released in early 2000. I’ve been keeping a close on ebay.it for the last 3 or 4 months but no luck. Do you have any where I can find a copy?

    • Nobody says:

      I actually have the very same problem so I can’t really help you there. I haven’t been looking for it very often though but have wanted it for several years now. :/

      Seems to be quite a common problem that the older Italian discs just don’t end up on Ebay (Fabbri and H&W released lots of spaghetti westerns couple of years ago that were not available at online stores and nowadays it is almost impossible to find any of them on Ebay).

      Don’t know if you have noticed but Amazon just opened (couple of days ago) their Italian store at http://ww.amazon.it, there isn’t much selection there yet but who knows maybe with luck the disc will turn up for sale there some day by a marketplace seller.

  2. BH says:

    Thanks for your reply. By the way, I was very pleased to find this site. I’ve been acquiring as many different versions of this and other SL films over the last year. Don’t know if you’re aware, but the MHE blu-ray of FAFDM is also cut in an unusual way. The scenes of Manco and the horse in White Rocks and Indio’s laugh post-prison break are uncut. However, although the missing dialogue post-beating of Manco and Mortimer is there, there is a small cut during the beating scene that I have not observed in any other version (VHS, laserdisc, MGM BD, DVD). During the beating, Manco briefly fights back, gets punched and stumbles back, but there is a cut in the MHE BD at this point and you don’t see stumble. It’s a minor cut but just proves that there is not a BD/DVD out there that is totally uncut. How frustrating.

    • Nobody says:

      Sorry for the very late reply.

      I wasn’t actually aware of the cut on the MHE discs so thank you for the info. I suppose I just always thought it would finally be uncut and didn’t care to check it well enough. I haven’t checked the scene in question yet and probably can’t for sometime (but I guess I need to at some point so I can update the page accordingly).

      But damn, how hard can it be to get it right at least once… (obviously very hard…)

      Oh well, maybe next time. :D

  3. Fabi says:

    This is a great website:)
    But there are three more minor cuts on the MGM / Paramount releases of For A Few Dollars More you don’t mention! These are really short, but here they are:
    – After Clint was shown the direction by the boy, he turns his head, this shot lasts longer in the Italian version. http://www.dvd-forum.at/bilder/schnittberichte/1248/sb255.jpg
    – In the longer Italian version, this shot lasts long enough for Clint to reach the stairs: http://www.dvd-forum.at/bilder/schnittberichte/1248/sb256.jpg
    – The shot of Clint looking at the sleeping gangster lasts a bit longer in the Italian version. I also remember that there are differences regarding the music in this scene. http://www.dvd-forum.at/bilder/schnittberichte/1248/sb257.jpg

    • Nobody says:


      thank you for the information! :)

      I should add it to the main page, or the very least (for now) add a link with a mention that the discussion has even more info.

    • BH says:

      I just compared the MGM DVD with CVC 1st and 2nd edition DVDs and I noticed no differences for the scenes you mentioned.

  4. Paul Bywater says:

    Cheers for setting this up!
    There was a time I thought I was the only person who realised the (admittedly very minor) cuts in the film. It is annoying that they just can’t get the thing right.
    I have an old VHS of it which is completely and gloriously uncut…but, tragically, I haven’t a VHS player to hand (has anyone these days?)
    Well, I probably have one somewhere, but we need a complete version on dvd.
    I’ve posted your righteous site on the fistful of leone website and am about to spread your site across facebook. Hopefully it’ll go viral!
    Keep up the good work hombre, I’ll try to do my bit!

    • Nobody says:

      Thanks for the feedback, and involvement at the facebook page and elsewhere! :)

      Yeah, the cuts are quite minor and I’m not losing sleep at nights because of this (though maybe I should…? ) but like you said it is just annoying that they can’t get it right. They did fix the audio sync for the Blu-Ray release though (which totally surprised me) so maybe there is hope yet.

      Oh and I still have a VHS player! :P Unfortunately I threw my FAFDM recording with the trash so I can’t check what kind of version it was (just for fun… I couldn’t watch it in that quality now that we have Blu-Rays..).

  5. Interesting to see people that truly step through the movies and notice the differences. I have only seen A Fistful of Dollars once once and I was actually a bit surprised that it was as engaging as it was. Figured that The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly was probably light years ahead of the others until I saw “Fistful…”. It made me more interested in the spaghetti westerns so I ordered “For a Few Dollars More” last week. I haven’t seen the original so I won’t notice differences but if all of the original No Names were shot in the same aspect ratio, then I’m sure that will be something that I’d notice.
    Also interesting to see the comments about the problems with “The Good…” blu ray. I have that 2 disk set so I’ll comb through that to see what the differences are.

    Tieuel Legacy! Motion

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